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Yeshivas Kayitz 5775 Registration Form

Yeshivas Kayitz 5775 is full. New applicants will be put on the waiting list.

Yeshivas Kayitz 2015 / תשע"ה  will אי״ה begin Tuesday, June 23rd and run through Monday, August 3rd ו' תמוז - י״ח מנחם-אב

We will be accepting Talmidim finishing 9th-10th grade.

Cost of the summer program is $2880 (USD) excluding airfare. There is a non-refundable application fee of $100 which will be charged at the time of registration, (the application fee is not included in tuition and will be refunded in the event of non-acceptance).

Due to limited space we suggest you send in your application as soon as possible.

Please be advised that you may apply to your local UJF chapter for financial assistance with your camp fees. Most chapters have specific funds set aside for youth summer programs in Israel, contact your local chapter for more information.

New York residents only: Click here to apply for financial aid with the UJF NY. Limited scholarships are available. Do not contact the UJF directly.


For more information contact our office at or (917) 409-7430

Please contact the office If you have not heard from us whitin 3 business days of submitting the application form. Note that all communication is done via email.











APPLICATION FEE $100 (not included in Tuition)


The application will not be processed without a valid credit card.



The cost of the summer program is $2880 (USD). ($50 discount for paying in full by April 15th) This covers all expenses excluding airfare and seforim. Payment can be made by check or credit card. There is a $70 credit card processing fee. Check(s) should be made out to FRIENDS OF CHABAD TZFAS and mailed to Tzeirei Hashluchim 478 Albany Ave #47 Brooklyn, NY 11203. All check(s) must be received by April 15th. Post-dated checks should be payable no later then June 15th. If you are receiving scholarship fund assistance, the grant amount will be refunded once the grant money is processed. Regardless – the entire amount is due by June 15th. There is a $20.00 bounced check fee.
I would like to pay by:
as the registration fee.


request that The Young Shluchim Summer Program accept my son to learn and board in the dormitory of the Yeshiva. I acknowledge that my child, as a Yeshiva student, will be expected to adhere to all rules of conduct the Yeshiva has, in accordance with the Ministry of Education. I am aware of my financial obligation towards the Yeshiva and will Iy”h make sure to pay in full in a timely manner. By signing below I authorize the Yeshiva to take full responsibility of my son, including any health problems. In case I am unable to be contacted in an emergency, the Yeshiva has the authority to authorize any necessary medical procedures.


Until you have received an acceptance email from our office this does not constitute any form of registration in our program.
Due to limited space we suggest that you also apply to another summer program in case your son is not accepted. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Please make sure that you provide at least one email address, as all communication is done via email.
Click on the Submit button to complete & save your application entry.
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